If you receive a strange url, do not hesitate to check the safety of a URL immediately before you click on it. This useful tool will help you do that

If you get a strange link or any links from acquaintance and you want to check it out. However you suspect the safety of those link for your device. And now is time that you should use our tool called CHECK SAFR URL. This is a completely free and extremely handy tool. CHECK SAFE URL will check the safety of urls with fast speed, and high accuracy by finding on analysis results from Yandex, Google ...

This ONLINE CHECK SAFE URL tool is extremely helpful checks the safety of a URL based on Google's analytical results.

You just need to enter your URL into the Textbox and Click "Check URL" and enjoy the result of the tool

Step 1: Paste a URL into Text Box

Step 2: Click "Check URL" button

Step 3: The result will be noted in "Output" below.